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2019年1月28日 : ギャラリーレストランエシカル(小川町)


   ・昼の部 12:00-14:00
   ・夜の部 18:00~20:00

●お食事付き 2000円

2017年11月7日 : New lunch menu

You and waiting now! ~
Introduction of the new menu is ethical!

So delicious come enjoy lunch menu!
2017年7月20日 : In the summer from selling fried.-.

Summer! The summer is a Festival I.

7/22 (Saturday) 13:00-20:00
7/23 (Sunday) 11:00-20:00

★ is ethical, "Authentic Korea fried"The sale.

So where is the shop entrance stairs should know soon.

Breakfast and tax included 300Circle (3 pieces) go OK!

Fried sweet and sour taste of authentic Korea and relieves exhaustion.
2017年7月20日 : Notice of the Thanksgiving dinner menu!

Everybody Hello!

Announcement of "ethical" Thanksgiving dinner menu!!

"Korea unagi dishes"

-7/21 (Friday)-

-Premium Limited Edition 10(Every day)

-Of course, the eel is domestic.(^_-)-☆

-Coffee or tea.

-Price 3,000 yen (tax excluded)

We are awaiting you.

2017年7月17日 : In the "Introduction" to do!
-Prof. Akira tsuchiyama toward Jiang exhibitions will be held.
"Invitation to the world Miss, dear"
2017August 1, (Saturday)-8/31 (Thursday)
Mountains in Hiroshima's woodblock prints of destination you can enjoy!