What is ethical?




In common with the "ethical"
"To people, society, environment and Earth friendly ecological attitudes and behaviors.
It is a word meaning.

When selecting favorite works are exhibited in the Gallery of handmade items, or cheap publicity, as well as make face look what thoughts though are clogged or would feel if you choose back story to himself very happy!

Considering the background of the creators think or feel, with an appreciation for it and illness, to pay tribute is friendly environmentally friendly, environment, social and ethical idea!

You might also consider working there in the farms surrounding environment and ecosystem to protect people's health, as well as eaten by using the "vegetable" in the world of food, while effectively utilizing natural grown food choice of materials to the environmental burden.

Ethical(ethical)'...Originally the "moral" or words with meanings such as "ethical"



The purpose of the ethical Gallery

     Rooted in the local community
With a 1,300-year-old world heritage site Japanese paper

That technology to 0/1978 designated important intangible cultural asset of the country,
The 0/2014 was listed on UNESCO's intangible cultural heritage.
In the Japanese paper
Hosokawa paper as the most traditional methods should be passed down to the next generation.
Not only the technology easier to pick people, and produced a working paper
Leaving memories and aspirations in a modern approach and
Feel closer to tradition, we know Ogawa-machi
This is the purpose of ethical Gallery.
Obtained the Ogawa paper works in the future, we aim to exhibit sales.